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Jonno Zilber & Nick Peddle

Jonno Zilber & Nick Peddle

Professional musicians since their teens, Zilber and Peddle first met on stage in 2006, about half-way through playing a set at the Phoenix Bar’s infamous Bootleg sessions in Canberra. Over the last decade they have both individually forged successful careers in music – Zilber as a solo act and Peddle as the drummer for numerous bands that have enjoyed large fan bases and considerable radio play. Despite their parallel career paths, with an on-stage chemistry and rapport so undeniably strong, they have regularly come home to play shows and record together.

With an electric blues sound inspired by the old Chicago Blues masters and modern blues duo the Black Keys, Jonno Zilber & Nick Peddle have become well sought after performers in the Australian Swing & Blues dancing scene. They have shared the stage and recorded with some of Australia’s most respected musicians and together have recorded two albums, ‘Johnny Who?!’ and ‘Winter Blues: Live’

The music industry is a superman style “bizzarro world” full of drunkenness, strange girls, slow cars, anti-Semitic Icelandic fishermen, flying prosthetic legs and poker machines that are louder than the live band on the stage next to them. A world where as Tom Waits once said “the large print giveth and the small print taketh away” and musicians have to refer to themselves in the third person just to make them seem more important than they really are. That is where you will find Jonno Zilber & Nick Peddle.

Jessie Gordon & Her Dirty Blues Band

Jessie Gordon & Her Dirty Blues Band

The Dirty Blues Band know a little bit about a lot of things. Sinning is one of them. And whether your weakness of choice is lust, gluttony, sloth, greed, envy, wrath or pride, without a doubt there’s a blues song about your particular sin.

Jessie Gordon fronts this unforgettable band featuring incredible blues guitarists Jon Matthews and Mark Turner, Shane Pooley on upright bass and Michael Perkins on drums. The Dirty Blues Band will take you on a soul-full, heart-heavy, lust-inducing musical journey of trouble, sin and joy.

Johnny Nandez Five & Special Guest Singer

Sultry jazz, whiskey-soaked blues and old school R&B are the order of the day for this quintet. A pinstriped, skinny-black-tie-wearing debonair gentleman but after a long, hard night; sweaty, hungry, bloody and bedraggled with centuries of oozy bar-carpet funk from cuff to lapel. Apologies? You’ll be getting none – so don’t ask. Get up and get down. Featuring Johnny Nandez (keys), Leah Van der Meulen (double bass), Almore James (guitar), Alistair McEvoy (sax), Wade Saunders (drums) and a soon-to-be-announced special guest on vocals.

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