Safe Spaces

& Code of Conduct

Safe Spaces Contact Number: 0422 197 497

At Black Swan Blues we believe that everyone, no matter who they are, has every right to have a fun safe time. That’s why we have a code of conduct that everyone is required to adhere to; simply treat everyone how you want to be treated. If that doesn’t make sense, read our Code of Conduct.

If you feel that you can’t abide by our Code of Conduct do not come to our event.

If you feel that at our event someone is breaching the Code of Conduct, we have a Safe Space Crew to look out for you throughout the weekend. At every event we will have dedicated a Safe Space Contact that you can come to speak with quietly and confidentially if you have any issue. We will have a phone on over the whole weekend that you will be able to contact us on at anytime in case you end up in a position you do not wish to be in. You are also welcome to simply message us the information if you do not want to talk in person and we will follow up about the situation.

We hope everyone has a fun safe time at Black Swan Blues.

Thank you

Sincerely, The Black Swan Blues Crew

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