Workshop Levels

We are very exicted to be bringing you 3 levels of blues dancing workshops to allow you to learn from 3 different sets of amazing blues teachers. We know that everyone can learn new skills no matter what level you are in, but wish to be able to place you with similar level dancers to promote the maximum amount of learning the teachers can provide to the whole class.

Each individuals dance background will be considered on a scaled system and participants split into the corresponding levels as evenly as possible. All participants will be emailed your level prior to the event.


You’ve been dancing Blues for about a year or less; you started here or maybe jumped ship from a different style of dance. You enjoy the dance and are curious about what else there is to do, how to connect with partners and how to move to different music.


You feel comfortable dancing blues and you’re starting to look at how aspects of it can influence other styles of dance you do or vice versa. You want to go to the next level of musicality, thinking about the subtleties of the music and movement or those elements that you had never considered before. You want your shapes to be a reaction of the music rather than a result of it being the only thing you remembered from last week’s class.


Blues is a love, you travel when you can just to learn and dance more and you strive to develop every aspect of what you dance so it becomes one fluid motion. You’re not here just to learn a move and go home; you’re here to learn about why we move the way do to a particular song, the conversation between a follow and lead and how you interact with each new dance partner in a unique way. And finally, this blurb actually made sense to you and you can relate to it.

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